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About Dr. Eric Prather

Who is Dr. Eric Prather?

Dr. Eric Prather is the owner and attending chiropractic physician for both locations of Prather Chiropractic Services. Dr. Prather was born in Iota, Louisiana and currently resides in Lafayette, Louisiana with his wife, Katie, and their two children, Ahna and Abram. Dr. Prather is a graduate of Parker University in Dallas, TX and is a board certified and licensed Chiropractic Physician in Louisiana and Texas. In practice, Dr. Prather utilizes the Gonstead System of Chiropractic in which he has had 200+ hours of post graduate study, and performs the technique in the conservative treatment of spinal disc and joint injuries and degenerative disc conditions.

The Gonstead System is widely considered the "Gold Standard" of hands on chiropractic treatment for it's precision, safety and record of quick results.

Dr. Prather says, "The meticulous analytical skills of a Gonstead Chiropractor give the doctor a specific, methodical and logical approach to diagnosing precise areas of spinal joint dysfunction and disc degeneration. Obviously, if you know the exact location of the problem and are able to treat it specifically, you are better positioned to help the patient improve, faster."

Dr. Prather continues, "Once diseased areas are identified, hands-on precision adjustments are used to retrain dysfunctional discs and joints to function correctly. Only a Gonstead Specific Adjustment can achieve this. The proper application of precision adjusting can lead to results that are quite spectacular and often unattainable by other forms of chiropractic care. Nonspecific spinal joint manipulation will not garner the same results."

Dr. Prather concludes, "With serious, progressive conditions like spinal joint dysfunction and disc degeneration, there's no time to waste in seeking treatment. Have everyone in your family checked for signs of spinal degeneration. Procrastinating hurts your long term health."

Call us today for an appointment. You can reach our Lafayette office by calling 337-984-3113, or our Iota office at 337-779-3000.